Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Month!?!?

A Month?!

I cannot believe a solid month has gone by since I have last blogged. February is always the fastest month in my opinion. It just seems to fly by. Add in the snow days and it's been crazy. I will try to catch up!

Of Course - The Day of Love!

I'm not usually a big Valentine's Day girl. I love the party at school for my kiddos. Watching their little faces light up when they read their cards from their friends is just priceless. I honestly think it is their favorite party of the year and the easiest for parents to plan. Trust me, all kids care about is food, sweets, and their valentine cards! It is a very sweet party.

I really enjoyed this year's day of love! My principal is just the best! She let me go during my lunch break to Brighton's Sweetheart Luncheon and actually be a mom! It was my favorite part of the day. With B starting K next year it was awesome to be at her last Pre-K party. I have missed so many due to my schedule at school. After B's luncheon she came back to school with me. She absolutely adores Claire Wilhelm and thinks they are best friends. I had to get their picture. Brighton stayed attached to her the ENTIRE time. Thanks Casey for letting B tag along. B also loves Raef Stalls and Jackson Hutchens. I hope when she is a little freshman they will watch out for her. She has loved them since last year. HUMMMMM Brighton Stalls . . . .Brighton Hutchens . . .I'll take it.  I cannot wait to have her at school with me.

At the end of the day, I got to see my best friend Robin Wright - so my day was complete! LOVE that girl!

My parents were awesome and kept B that night and Dennis and I spent the evening at Embassy Suites. I was pampered at the spa that night, we had a nice dinner in the restaurant and we had 14 hours of undisturbed sleep. It was heaven. So, maybe I'm a Valentine's Day girl after all.

A dreaded Good-bye . . .

Dennis and I have a dear friend who decided to up and move home to Wisconsin or Minnesota or Michigan or whatever those states are called ( ha ha - that's for you Jocko)! Most don't know this, but I am an avid sports watcher and talker- well when it comes to the teams I like and only if you want to hear what I want to say. The first time I met Mike Jacques was at a Naturals game and I hit him head on with 1,000 questions (like I usually do everyone I first meet) about our new football coach. And, it was a friendship immediately. We went back and forth on high school football, baseball, Razorbacks, my LOVE of Auburn, you name it. We have pictures everywhere and he turned out to be someone very special to my family. As, I'm sure he did to many of yours. I have known for several months that his family was dying to get back to "home", but I ignored it, but the day came on February 14th and I said my tearful good-bye to Jocko. I know he'll be back to enjoy our friendly banter and I wish nothing but the best for him and his family. It's good to still talk to him every few days, but when football season starts up - GET READY MY FRIEND!!!!!!

So, that pretty leads up to today. We have had lots of sickness - Brighton and I keep passing strep to each other, we have had our 13th snow day and finally get to go back to work tomorrow, but other than that - things are great! Looking forward to spring!

Check back tomorrow for a great post I've been collecting thoughts for some time!



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