Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Boredom has officially sat in . . .

It's here . . .

It is what we all dread . . . .every puzzle has been played, barbies are no longer fun, you have played Candy Land, Connect Four - YOU NAME IT. And, then you hear the two words you know have been coming for the past 3 snow days . . . . . I'M BOOORRRREEEDDD!!!!!!!  Well, guess what! SO AM I! Well, at least that's what you want to say back, but you don't.

I have eaten every bit of the $200 in groceries that we purchased on Saturday. I am cooked everything I can think of and played every game in Brighton's closet. I wait all day for 1) nap time and 2) 4:30 when Dennis gets off work. Tonight when he walked through that door Brighton and I pranced on poor Daddy before he could say hello. She was ready for him to play tea party and I was ready for adult conversation!

Needless to say, we have begged him to stay home from work tomorrow and indulge in all of this pure bliss.

Bonding time

Brighton and I did have some time to bond during every Law and Order SVU episode. (Kidding). We made a chicken pot pie in the crock pot and then finished it once Dennis was home. It was beautiful - Brighton didn't eat it because it still hurting her throat to swallow and I didn't eat because - well I am officially tired of eating. But, here is proof.

Tomorrow begins another day . . . .another snow day, that is.

Brighton's school is open tomorrow, but I wouldn't dare send my baby to school. She is feeling back to 100%. I thank you all for your prayers. Daddy is staying home tomorrow and hopefully we can get out of our house and and venture out to get breakfast and come back and enjoy the rest of our snow day in bed! Sounds wonderful doesn't it . . . . . . we shall see how that works out.

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