Monday, February 3, 2014

Confessions of a Snow Day teacher . . .

We all have them  . . .those dirty little secrets we hope to never reveal, but they are eventually going to seep out so I will do the telling on myself before someone else has to. No judging. Some of you may even relate. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I am a sleeper . . .

Not a "normal" sleeper, but like Dennis thinks I'm in a coma sleeper. I laid down for a nap at 1:30pm today and then boom the next thing I know he is waking me up and it is 6:30pm! And, I don't feel guilty. I loved every moment of it. Does this only happen on snow days you ask? NO way! Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon that we do not have anything going on - once about 12:30 hits - NAPTIME at the Birge house!!!! It's heaven. The sheets are nice and cold, and the room gets dark and I grab my two pillows and arrange them just right and I grab my stuffed animal - Pollie. (NO Judging, remember!) And, for the next 3 hours, it is NAP time! Brighton is the same say - she loves her sleep (for now) so we are some sleeping girls. It drives Dennis crazy in the winter -in the spring and summer he loves it because off to the golf course he goes! Usually in the spring and summer - we head to the pool and naps aren't as important - for now . . . .almost time to catch more zzzzzzzzzzz's.

Teachers secretly love snow days but . . .

We do not like making them up. We love unexpected days off in the middle of a week that weren't planned, but when it comes to June - we are done - our brains are turned off and just like the kids - we are done. We are thinking of pools, lemonade and suntans. No matter when you get out of school it happens around May 10th every year. This is my 13th year teaching - and it happens every year.  Surprisingly, this year, I really am over winter, but I still get a tad bit of excitement when I hear snow is coming because that means SLEEP! I think it is because I wake up at 4:30 every am. and am at school by 6:30. I do not remember loving sleep this much before Brighton or before we changed school start times. Before kids would come to school at 8:00 and now the bell rings at 7:15. BIG difference. Trust me.

I usually can control my eating really well until . . .

a snow day hits! Boom, I try to eat like we will never eat again. 3 Crunch bars - check, cookies, check, it makes me so sad. I just want to say no. IF I don't go on a diet SOON, my clothes aren't going to fix and I will soon look like a chipmunk. My eating has got to get out of control and I totally blame the snow!

My Brighton Girl

It is amazing, we had her at the doctor by 6:45 this am and she is feeling so much better. I have very rarely seen her sick so I was so scared. B doesn't get sick. Mommy does. I haven't rocked her and held her crying in so long, it was scary. I was happy that she needed me, but man that's hard. Her fever this afternoon is down to 99.0 which is much better and she has rested and slept all day. She does have to miss school tomorrow, but I think after that she's going to be back to her perky self. I cannot thank everyone for their prayers.

My Sunday School Girls

I have to give a shout out to Lenette, Jennifer, Kelly, Laurie, Melissa, Kristy, Aimee, Jessica, Shelley,  and Kacy! What did I do without you girls 6 months ago! You girls are my rock and my prayer warriors!!!! I missed seeing you this week - see you soon!!!! Love you all!





  1. Great post! I am teaching in TN and haved loved the few snow days we have had the opportunity to enjoy this year. I always believe that I will get so much done on those days, but I end up taking those long naps..we teachers need those in order to survive the spring!