Monday, January 27, 2014

5 Days is ENOUGH!

SOOOO I got sent home from school on Thursday with fever and went to the doctor around 1:45 in which to learn around 2:30 I have/had the FLU! UGHHHH. Generally, I usually like to get the flu, but this flu is totally different. From the times before I have been awake - laid up in my bed watching tv and back to work in a day. This time - well - you shall see.


I left the doctor's office and I was literally 2 blocks away from Brighton's school so I decided that since it was 2:30 I would get B because Dennis wasn't able to until 5:30 and I HATE her being there after 4. I went to the front desk and asked if someone could go get her for me and - boom that was done. But, THEN I had to go to Walgreens and get my two prescriptions. I went through the drive-thru, but since my insurance card had changed, they needed ME to come in. (Excuse me . . . .I HAVE the FLU!) Yes, we understand, but you have to come in to get your meds. (WHAT!!!) Does this make sense to anyone? So, I go inside, there are about 3,000 people in front of me - all elderly - the techs take my card and tell me it will be a half hour wait. Can I wait in my car - nope - we will page you over the intercom (WHAT!) okay well, they asked for it I guess. I didn't want to stay near the elderly, so Brighton and I made a heyday in the Valentine aisle. We ate every single package of chocolate that we touched - so to me that seemed to take care of the germ issue. 30 minutes later we were out of there.

We finally got home around 4:45 and Dennis was in the closet changing for Men's thing at church that night. He was ready to walk out the door when I had just taken a HOT bath and my meds when I realized, I can't keep my eyes open - let alone watch a 4 year old. Literally, he was leaving me and I said these selfish words "WHAT ABOUT ME!". He looked at me like UMMMMMMMMMM. So, he decided to take B to my mom's, and let me stay here to sleep and head off to church. Problem was - I couldn't sleep - I was starving. Somewhere around 8:00 I had woken up and decided to make myself pasta salad - but I left it all on the stove and never ate a bite. I think right there was when the actual flu hit.


I cannot tell you one single thing about Friday. I had already made sub plans when I left school on Thursday. I slept all day, all night and I only remember waking up every 6 hours when Dennis gave me my Tamiflu and stomach medicine. I don't remember a single thing.


Dennis got up and was trying to clean the house a little, B was home, my mom came over to help with her - she had a dance recital that day, but I slept through all of that. I can remember sounds, but not much of it happening. It kills me that I missed my sassy little B dancing on that stage. I haven't even looked at pictures or videos yet, because it breaks my heart I wasn't there. I was more alert Saturday, I think.


Sunday morning I woke up and felt like taking a shower - (yes, the first one since Thursday night's bath) - I poked around the house and then ran up to school and made plans for today. It took everything I had to take the shower so I knew I couldn't make it today. The last 4 days I had still been running a fever close to 101, but today it has dropped to 99. I was so thankful that my friend of 12 years Melissa came by to check on me tonight. It was good to see someone!!!


I have been awake since 8 - working on school stuff, worried about my kids, which tells me I am 100% better. My fever is only 99 - which means Angela our nurse wouldn't call that a fever. I will be tired, but I'm ready to go back to school tomorrow! I will probably sleep from lunch until dinner tonight, but I'm ready to get back into the world. Especially since I don't remember two of the days I slept through!!!

No, I did not get the flu shot. I do not think it matters at all if you get it or if you don't. Brighton always gets the flu mist and still gets very sick right afterwards for several days. Dennis did not get the flu show because he always forgets. I'm afraid of needles. (Well except the ones that go in my face) B hasn't been around me much - she has really been wanting my attention. My mom got the flu shot this year and was also very sick for nearly 3 weeks. I think its a just a toss up. I'm not for or against it. I do not think B will get it next year at all. But, that's just me saying that now.

I can say - Dennis always comes through - he meant it when he said in sickness and in health. I used to be the healthiest person around. NEVER got sick. B took that from me. She never gets sick and I was left catching everything around. And, I would rather have it than her. It is one reason why I can't have another child. She did a work up on my body and literally my doctor said it wasn't smart to have another baby. I cherish my little B who never gets sick and who understands why mommy can catch everything. But, I am also thankful for Dennis for waking me up at 3am to give me my medicine and bringing me 3 meals a day. I haven't eaten this much food in a year. I think he's enjoyed that! Ha!

Thanks for all of the prayers. I'll be back at at it tomorrow!!!!!

Love to you all!

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  1. Though it might’ve taken a bit longer to take effect, it’s good that you were able to get back to your usual self over the weekend, and then some. Though it really was uncalled for that they had to make you wait that long to get your meds, especially since it probably was evident that you were already not feeling well. It wasn’t just a bad thing for you, but for the other people in the waiting area as well. Anyways, I hope you are doing well now, and that now random bouts of flu hit your family these past months!

    Drea Tyrell | Anaheim Hills