Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In Search Of . . . .

It's really a small request . . . .I am in search of a nice, sweet friend who loves country music, likes to travel to Little Rock, Tulsa, Dallas, and Kansas City - likes to have clean fun and can talk the country music talk. I admit I am a country music junkie - especially when it comes to concerts.

For example, Jana Kramer (if you are already saying who - you do not fit the cut) is in Oklahoma this Friday night. I have hit up every country fan I know - everyone is a "no go". Therefore I have to lug poor Dennis to Oklahoma.

Another example, last summer Dennis got to endure the Luke Bryan concert which at one point I caught him counting the beams on the ceiling. Only an engineer would think of studying the structure of a building while Luke Bryan is singing on stage.  Who could possibly not pay attention at Luke Bryan. He also went with me to Miranda Lambert and again to Blake Shelton with me. Now, I have always been a Kenny Chesney girl . . .always. I flew to Charlotte on August 1st to see my Kenny - oh and one of my best friends of all time and we had a wonderful time. The Eli Young band opened for him so it's always fun to see who opens. Anyway, see I'll do anything to see Kenny. I have now seen him 9 times. But, I will have to say Blake Shelton hands down has been my all time favorite concert. Even Dennis laughed, clapped and I even caught him singing! SHHH! It was not what you expected. Blake cried, showed real emotion and talked about things that you wouldn't have expected. Now, would I ever let any child under the age of ummmmm 21 go - probably not, but there were some real moments there. It was awesome.

So, leads me to my point. Billy Currington . . . March 8th is going to be in Little Rock. I would love to go . . . .Dennis says he's a no go. SIGH. But, I have to give him props - he is going to George Strait in April.

So here I am . . .married, white female looking for a another female who loves to get out there and love on some country music!

Please, PLEASE! You know you are out there.

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  1. I have seen Billy Currington!! I didn't think I knew many of his songs until I was there and guess what.....?? I knew a bunch of them. He was good. An opener for old Kenny!!