Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Dennis . . . Ready for 2014

New Years Eve . . . .5:00 . . . .Chapel on the Creeks . . .2005 - I walked down an aisle and married the man of my dreams. A lot of people say that, but this is true. I moved to NWA at the age of 21 and knew no one. I had been hired to teach first grade at Sugar Creek Elementary and I bought a house. My little house was all brick, 3 bedroom, 2 bath and it was so special to me. I believe I paid $87,000 for it and it was perfect for me. So here I was moving in and knew no one - but I was ready to be in NWA for the schools - oh and my high school boyfriend of 6 years was in the architect program at the U of A. (There's always a boy, right?) I moved in on a hot, Saturday in July. I remember meeting Dennis and thinking "Wait a minute - THAT'S my neighbor?" He mentioned something about his girlfriend and I dismissed it - for a little while. A few days passed and my boyfriend stopped by to see my house and I introduced him to Dennis. I mentioned to him that Dennis' girlfriend also lived near my boyfriend and Dennis corrected me - he said actually "ex-girlfriend". WELL, let's just say the next day - I had an EX-boyfriend. So, here I am calling home and telling my parents, I just broke up with someone I had been with since the time I was 15, bought a house and haven't even started my new job. Flipping out didn't even begin to describe what they did.

Around September, I worked up the courage to tell Dennis how I felt about it and he told me even though he was broken up with his girlfriend, he was going to stay committed to her. He broke my heart. He didn't date, show any interest in anyone - he stayed loyal and committed.

Meanwhile, I dated - but Dennis was still in my heart. We were best friends, we told each other everything and spent a lot of time with each other. Ate many dinners together, went to church together, you name it - we've probably hung out and spent time doing it. We were the best of friends.
One day in 2004 things just changed. It all happened in God's timing. I am so thankful for the man that God picked for me.

Dennis is the best father for Brighton. He is amazing at putting up with my outgoing personality and always talking non-stop. He is patient, calm, and a Godly man that takes care of our family. He is the leader of our house and shows Brighton just the kind of man she should marry. Here are a few pictures of us eight years ago. I thought this was the best day of my life, but turns out - every day I wake up next to him keeps getting better and better. I got my Happily Ever After with him by my side.

OH! It's New Year's Eve?

Having an Anniversary on New Year's Eve is tricky, so we celebrate both - although I can tell you that I'm sitting here typing this - the ball just dropped in NYC and now Ryan Seacrest and I are the only ones awake. We celebrated our anniversary by going to see a movie earlier this afternoon. Saving Mr. Banks was a wonderful movie. I loved it. This evening we went to Doe's to eat and then we stopped by our good friend Kate and Dave Burris' home to celebrate New Year's with them. As I have written before - we just adore Kate, Dave and Emily&John Friesen. It seems to be nothing but laughs when we get together. The wives all get along, the husbands all get along and the husbands can carry on conversations with the wives. It's a rare friendship to have. But, it is very sacred and special to me. We ate cheesecake, played a little trivia and called it an early night. So thankful for these two couples.


Good-bye 2013

I am so excited to say hello to 2014. The year of 2013 just wasn't my year, It wasn't kind, there were mistakes made and bridges burned. I cannot focus on 2013 anymore. In 27 minutes I get to start a new year. My baby starts Kindergarten in 2014. I start 2014 as a born-again Christian. I get to prove to myself, my friends, my peers, and my family that I am a child of God and you will be able to see him through me. 2014 is GOD's year. The focus is not on me. So, let's go 27 minutes - we have a lot to get accomplished. I've been waiting on you.


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  1. Your wedding photos are the cutest....you look absolutely thrilled to pieces.....so glad it all came to be for you!!!